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Report "Sensors Markets 2016"

The latest INTECHNO Report, "Sensors Markets 2016" analyzes and forecasts the development of 48 types of sensors.

Sensor Market Reports 2016

The WORLDREPORT covers sensors for the non-military sensor markets. Years covered are: 2006, 2011 and 2016.


Industries Covered

Each type of sensor has been analyzed and forecasted with respect to the 15 major industries:

  • Machine Tool Industry
  • Other Machinery Industries (Woodworking, Textile, Packaging, Agricultural and Construction Machinery, Semiconductor Machinery, etc.)
  • Robotics and Assembly Machines
  • Materials Handling
  • Professional Devices
  • Process Industries
  • Vehicles
  • Aircraft, Ships and Rail Vehicles
  • Building Sector
  • Household Appliances & Consumer Electronics
  • Information Technology & Communication Technology
  • Medical Sector
  • Environmental Sector
  • R&D
  • Infrastructure and Other Sectors (Power Grids, Pipelines, etc).

These 15 major industries are further subdivided into 72 industries / sub-sectors.

Please note, however, that the model calculations on which the sensors market figures shown in the Report are based, have been done for more than 2600 sub-sectors (industries, applications).


  • The machine tool industry has been analyzed in detail for 45 categories of machine tools; but only 3 aggregated sub-sectors are shown.
  • The sector “other machinery industry” has been analyzed and forecasted in detail for 506 machinery categories; but only 7 aggregated sub-sectors are shown.
  • The process industries have been analyzed in detail by 217 sub-categories (industries, applications); but only 10 aggregated sub-sectors are shown.

Sensors Covered 

  • Binary Sensors
    Binary Position Sensors (Proximity Switches, Light Barriers), Event Detectors (Glass Breakage, Fence Intrusion) & Presence Sensors, Motion Detectors, Smoke & Fire Detectors.
  • Sensors for Measuring Mechanical Quantities
    Position Sensors, Distance Sensors, Thickness Sensors, Touch Probes, Inertial & Navigation Sensors Speed/RPM-Sensors, Acceleration and Vibration Sensors, Tilt Sensors, Force Sensors, Torque Sensors, Pressure Sensors, Level Sensors (Liquids, Bulk Solids), Flow Sensors, Acoustic Sensors (Sound, Noise, Knock).
  • Sensors for Measuring Thermal Quantities
    Temperature Sensors.
  • Sensors for Measuring Optical Quantities (Point Sensors)
    Photosensors for the Visible Spectrum, Photosensors for the Infrared Spectrum, Photosensors for the Ultraviolet & X-Ray Spectrum.
  • Sensors for Measuring Electric and Magnetic Quantities
    Electric Current Sensors, Electric Voltage Sensors, Magnetic Field Sensors.
  • Image Sensors and Cameras
    Optical Image Sensors and Cameras (Visible Spectrum), Infrared Image Sensors and Cameras, Ultraviolet and X-Ray Image Sensors and cameras, Terahertz Cameras and Scanners, Ultrasound Image Sensors, Capacitive Image Sensors.
  • Data-Related Sensors
    Identification Sensors (Barcode and RFID Readers), Magnetic and Optical Read Heads, Pointing Sensors (Touchpads, Touchscreens).
  • Advanced Billing Meters (AMR, AMI / Smart, Prepayment)
    Advanced Water & Oil Billing Meters, Advanced Gas Billing Meters, Advanced Heat Billing Meters, Smart Power Meters.
  • Quality Features Measuring Sensors
    Material Quality Sensors for Solids, Material Quality Sensors for Liquids, Material Quality Sensors for Air & Gases, Surface Quality Sensors.
  • Humidity and Weather Sensors
    Humidity Sensors, Rain & Ice Sensors, Wind Sensors.
  • Chemical and Biological Sensors
    Chemical Sensors for Liquids, Gas Sensors, Biosensors.

Sensor Technologies

  • Each type of sensor listed above has been analyzed and forecasted with respect to its relevant measuring principles for the years 2006 and 2016. Examples are: optical, magnetoresistive, Hall, Reed, piezoresistive, piezoelectric, capacitive, acoustic, ultrasound, radiometric, Radar, eddy current, and many more.
  • Special Sensors: Semiconductor-Based Sensors (Photoelectric, Non-Photoelectric), Fiber-Optic Sensors (Extrinsic, Intrinsic).

Countries & Regions

  • Countries / regions shown in the Tables of the new INTECHNO-WORLDREPORT: World, Triad, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Rest Western Europe, United States, Japan, China.
  • Countries / regions shown in the sensor-specific Figures of the new INTECHNO-WORLDREPORT: Germany, Rest Europe, United States, Rest Americas, Japan, China, Rest Asia-Pacific, Rest of the World.

Background: The background calculations of this report are based on the analysis of 80 countries. However, only the countries / regions listed above are shown.

Methodology and Size of the Report

  • The methodology used to derive the global sensors market figures can be characterized as follows:

    •  It is model-based – this is necessary in order to handle the enormous amount of data and the host of case distinctions concerning the various countries, applications, and categories of sensor types and measurement principles. By means of the model-based methodology, global sensors market figures can be determined and compared systematically for each industry and / or application, and traced back to their determining factors.
    • It is reality-based in the sense that the results of the model are backed by international expert interviews with sensor users and suppliers.
    • It is iterative in the sense that the process of comparison and adjustment for selected countries was repeated until the results of model forecasts were in line with expert interviews, external statistics and other secondary data.
    • It is based on a bottom-up approach and a top-down approach at the same time, where both methods check and balance each other.
  • The model calculations used to derive the sensors market figures of the Report are founded on the analyses and forecasts of 2600 industries and / or applications.

  • This new INTECHNO-WORLDREPORT is based on about 400 expert interviews worldwide and the analysis of more than 5000 basic statistics and other external sources for the various industries.

  • This report, "Sensors Markets 2016" covers 1550 pages of in-depth market information including 671 tables and 147 figures.


Table of Contents

Sensors MArkets 2016 - Table of Contents


Press Release

Sensors Markets 2016 - Press Release


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