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Our team of experienced consultants assists key players around the world to make better informed strategic decisions in following areas:

  • Automation Technology and Robotics
  • Environmental Technologies and Services
  • Optoelectronics and Laser Technologies
  • Sensor Technology and Measuring Technology
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Machinery and Plant Construction
  • New Technologies in General

Types of consulting services:

  • Market research – analyses and forecasts
  • Diversification and innovation studies
  • Strategic planning, roadmaps, visions.


INTECHNO CONSULTING provides customers with in-depth market information and forecasts for high-technology industries.

INTECHNO CONSULTING relies on an interdisciplinary team of highly qualified professionals who consult worldwide with experts in all aspects of technology, innovation and marketing. Support from partners in Bologna, Paris and Yokohama.


Strategic Summary of our latest Sensor Market Report

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Sensors pervade their existing industries and application sectors more and more, and they constantly open up new fields of application. Production technologies, modern vehicles, innovative medical devices, smart power supply systems and building technologies are now inconceivable without sensors. At the same time, sensors continue to improve in quality, they are more specific and robust, often smarter and more communicative and yet they are less expensive than their predecessor generations.

Sensors are found in almost all spheres of life today. Furthermore, with the ongoing boom of smart mobile communication technology and tablet PCs, the need for sensors is rising dramatically. Hi-tech corporations are already researching novel types of sensors for these applications. Mobile phones with face recognition are just around the corner. Cell phones with integrated spectrometers to measure food freshness are no longer inconceivable, even though at present they seem a rather long way off

Of the EUR 81.6 billion global demand for sensors in 2006, 12.9% came from the machinery industries, 12.0% from the process industries, and 20.6% from all vehicle industries including airplanes, ships and rail vehicles. Around 18.2% of the total demand came from the building sector, 3.8% from manufacturers of household appliances and consumer electronics, and 13.3% from the sector of information and communication technology.

Of the EUR 184.4 billion global market for sensors in 2016 forecasted by INTECHNO, 9.7% will go to the machinery industries, 8.9% to the process industries, and 22.8% to the vehicle industries including airplanes, ships and rail vehicles. Around 18.1% of the total demand is predicted for the building sector, 2.7% for household appliances and consumer electronics, and as much as 22.9% for information and communication technologies with their devices, systems and networks. Medical technology is predicted to have a share of 8.8% in the total market.

Moreover, growing demand for sensors will come from the environmental sector, research and development, and the infrastructure sector. This last sector includes among others, oil and gas pipelines as well as electricity transmission and distribution networks. The trend towards smart networks boosts demand for smart power meters as well as current and voltage sensors.


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